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Do you see the kid in those pictures? His name was Danny Ashton Elric, and I’m hear to tell you his story. 

January of 2011, Danny decided to kill himself. 

In the eyes of a lot of people, Danny wouldn’t be consider a “normal” boy. He was, in fact, an FTM. For those of you who don’t know what that means, I’ll give you a quick explanation. An FTM transgender is when, in this case, someone is born physically girl, but is mentally a boy. 

Danny moved to Florida with his mom, dad, and brother Chris. Danny and Chris went to their new school and got everything worked out for Danny. So, that he was allowed to use the male bathroom, opt out of P.E, etc. 

Everything was going good for Danny at school. No one knew that he was trans, they all just thought of him as a normal boy. But, one day out of sheer spite, Danny’s mom decided to tell the entire school that Danny was a girl. That was the day everything went downhill for him. 

Danny was bullied majorly after his mother told everyone about Danny; and his parents didn’t care at all. Even after Danny killed himself, his parents STILL don’t care. 

A few days after the bullying started, Chris found Danny hanging from a hook in his bedroom. 

Danny was gone…15 years old, and he ended his life due to being bullied because his mom decided to out him. Because of ignorant kids, Danny will never breath or walk on this earth ever again. 

Bullying needs to come to an end. Like, out of all honesty does it make you feel good that someone took their own damn life because YOU decided to bully them?

Words hurt. Think BEFORE you speak. 

R.I.P Danny Ashton Elric 


what can I say?

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Remember when

Tumblr really never help when I’m in a bad, mood it just seems to piss me off more and fucking more. Yes, this story has made me more pissed off, but not the reason that you think.

But Crash, what other reason could there be?
The fact that this post is utter horseshite. The story’s made up, and they’re are a few hints that gave it way. And here they are:

1) There is no news source given in this post. If a story like this doesn’t have a link to a new artical (And no, a link to CNN’s home page doesn’t count) then there is a massive hint that is bullshit shit. A story like this is a media free for all.

2) Staying in the theme of no creditable news source given, if you don’t see one, find one. I googled this, both with google image search (Oh, we’ll get to that in a moment) and key words, and guess what came up? A story about a 17 year old kid named Danny Ashton who is to be believed to have passed away over a drug over dose. (To my followers/followed) Which is pretty sad, and the reason why I hope to high fuck none of you ever take drugs.

3) A google image search pulled this thread up from Reddit. That’s all I’m saying about that.

4) Check the fucking notes. I did and want to know what I found? Ashton’s tumblr, (which is pretty awesome and wroth a checkout/follow) and he sure as fuck isn’t dead, you sick mother fucker! He also has a YouTube Channel, with the latest video haven been uploaded two-mother-fucking-weeks ago.

5) The name “Elric” only exists in the Fullmetal Alchemist fictional universe. And since you brought up FMA, if you ever watch it then you should really watch Brotherhood if you want something that stick close to the source metal as FMA: Brother does as a goo a job, if not better than Death Note, at sticking to it’s source with it being Panel per panel stop on. The voice work, animation and over all plot is just better as well. Although, I’m not saying to skip of the 2003 one, cause that’s pretty good to (from what I’ve seen/heard, still need to watch it). 

Now we’ve covered how this is mother fucking bull shitting horseshite, lets talk about how this wrong on so many levels and just out right morally fucking depraved. There’s a mother fucking list.

1) You lied about someone’s death, which is taking attention way from people WHO HAVE killed themselves.

2) You use someone else photo to fake an identity, that’s a fucking federal crime you dumb piece of shit.

2) You’re using manipulation and lies to get a few notes on your blog and make yourself seem all goody, good, good.

You think it’s fun to do this? Well its fucking not. I’m sick of you SJW’s making up bullshit, and causing so much fucking drama. You better get off your moral high horse pal, because honestly you’re just fucking scum.  End, fuckng, of.

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